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General purpose PVC Gumboot

A unisex knee length PVC gumboot made for general purpose use in agricultural and food processing industries. Clogs are best suited for kitchens, hospitals and gardens.


Manufactured under Neptun Boot quality management system as required by SABS. Permit No 2499/16504. SANS 20347:2014 Full-length boots are manufactured and cut down to make clogs/ shoes/ fishing and chelsea boots.. Available in various colours.


Specifications European compliant

Upper: 57 – 59 Shore A

Sole: 65 – 68 Shore A

Sock Lining: 100% polyester single jersey

Full boot weight: 2kg average weight

Clogs/shoe weight: 1.4kg average weight

White/Grey gumboot is blood & Fat/ Oil & acid resistant; 25 part nitrile content, Green/ Black gumboot is virgin PVC, SANS certified, Black/Black gumboot is made from semi recycled PVC, not SANS certified


All Shosholoza boots are packed 5 pairs per size

Carton Size: 4 – 9 (40X40X36cm)

Carton Size: 10 – 13 (42X42X38cm)

Board Grade: 175gr outer/ 160gr flute/ 140gr inner liner

Sizes Available 4 – 12

GB-GP/Shova uni-sex knee length PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) gum-boots are general purpose gumboots and suited for use in agricultural and food processing industries. With an average weight of 2kg, Shova gum-boots are hard wearing with an excellent grip and sole support.

These boots feature the following:
• Energy absorbing heel.
• Cleated outsole providing additional traction on a slippery surface.
• A broad fitting steel toe cap allowing a comfortable fit for both men and ladies feet, especially over long periods of time.

Additional information

Weight 5.5125 kg
Dimensions 38 × 31 × 8 cm

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Special Instructions

None of the materials or processes used in the manufacture of these products are known to be harmful to the wearer. • The manufacturer has examined under the system for ensuring quality of production by means of monitoring and inspection. • These safety gumboots are designed to accommodate the basic safety requirements and standards for Personal Protective Equipment. • The information contained herein is intended to assist the wearer in the selection of personal protective equipment. • Actual conditions of use cannot be directly simulated in a test environ-ment therefore it is the responsibility of the end user and not the manufacturer or supplier to determine the gumboots suitability for the intended use. • It is important to note that footwear is subject to many different conditions encountered in everyday use and that it is impossible to make footwear resistant to slip in all conditions nevertheless it is generally accepted that problems are minimized if the guideline coefficients of friction are achieved. • Should the footwear be taken care of, worn in the correct working environment and stored in dry ventilated conditions. The GB-GP/Shova should give a good wear life, without premature failure of the outsole, upper and upper stitching. The actual wear life for footwear is dependent on the type of footwear, environmental conditions which can affect the wear, contamination and degradation of the product.


Style: Black, uni-sex, knee length, PVC, gumboot. Materials: Out Sole: Semi recycled PVC ( 55 – 60 shore), Lining: 100% Polyester single jersey, Upper: Semi recycled PVC (55 – 60 shore).

Cleaning & Maintenance

All safety protective footwear should be thoroughly inspected before use to ensure no damage is present. • After each use, wipe dirt and mud off boots with a damp (not wet) cloth and a mild soap. • Allow boots to air dry at room temperature thoroughly between wearing’s. • Do not dry boots on or near a heat source, as PVC melts and emits harmful fumes. • Dry your boots carefully when wet and avoid abrupt temperature changes. • Safety boots should not be left in contaminated condition if re-use is intended especially if potential hazards exist. • Harsh cleaning agents will further damage the PVC resulting in cracking of the upper and sole. • Due to a wide variety of possible constructions and combinations with other materials we recommend to always consult your professional cleaning service to determine the best suitable cleaning method.

Shelf life

When stored in normal conditions (temperature and relative humidity), and maintained the obsolescence date of footwear is generally: • 5 years after the date of manu


All industrial waste should be disposed of correctly according to local regulations and good disposal practice. Safety protective boots should be disposed of considering the hazardous substance they were used for. Please consider recycling.


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